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Monday, March 3, 2008


Yeah!!!! Philson's TVC is finally out!!! lalalala 

My boy handsome hor???...cute right????....he's a 小明星now. Anyone wants his autograph???? *blink* *blink*


My big and small 偶像sssssssss

Zoe's signature!!!! this age, this is the 1st time i asked for signature. I am so *paiseh* when i asked Zoe for her signature. The moment i finished my request, i just threw her the book, tell her how to spell my name and Philson's and ran to one corner to hide. Ahhhhhh.....i didnt know that i m so shy in nature *blush* btw, did i tell you that she is really very pretty???? Did I??? Did I not???? Anyway, she is really pretty and my boy is really cute and handsome.......awwwwwwwwwwww.....我的偶像ssssssssss

This is THE DAY!!!! Part 2

This is the set, the crew, the lighting, the cameras.............

The 小明星.....

The cranky 小明星......

The script......

The tired 小明星........

This is THE DAY!!! Part 1

Yeah!!!!! FINALLY the day to see ZOE had arrived!!!! I packed lotsa biscuits, milk, his lunch, his dinner, all his favourite toys and books for Philson.

When we reached the place, was really excited to see all the lights, cameras, lights, people, more lights n people. The crew and the director were very friendly. 

Througout the shooting, i realised that fliming an adver is really not easy esp with a bb :P The 30sec airtime on tv took them almost 9hrs to shoot. Philson missed his naps, his dinner, his last feed, his bath and his bedtime. So you guys must stay tune and watch this adver without blinking your eyes ya. :P

Even thou Zoe is the 阿姐, she was really patient with my boy. I was really very impressed with Zoe and the crew as Philson was really cranky during the shooting. It was very hot and the lighting was very bright. Even I could not stand it. And since he is only a bb, everyone had to follow his cue and pacify him when he was cranky. They also had to try their best to make him smile n laugh. That was the hardest part for them. Everything is really an unforgettable experience for us. 

The director and Zoe trying to 培养感情 with Philson. But that boy was busy crawling away. :P 

Ahem! Zoe's hair stylist was styling Philson's hair (This explains why Philson's hair is so neat on the TVC) with Zoe's comb. Dun Play Play hor

erm.....can you see that Philson and Zoe have the same hairstyle???? AHAHAHA

Zoe was still busy 培养感情 with Philson :P

Btw, Zoe is really very pretty in person even thou she is 40. For the whole shooting, I was busy staring adoringly at her instead of looking after my son since he already had so many people to entertain him. Awwww.....sooooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyy

Pss pss.....Zoe said that my son is very *strong* in another word.......means *fat* :P not easy for her to swing him around ok. keke

The story continues...............

Ahem! Guess some of you know why i start to blog again *blink* *blink*

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My shao ye's TVC is OUT!!!! lalalalala!!!!! That's why i need to *hao lian* :P

HOHOHO.......HOLD ON HOLD ON...... *mai gan cheong* before i show you his TVC, let me continue with his audition story :)

Let me recall......hmmm....

After his audition, we didn't really think much about it cos that was the first time we went for this kinda thingie and we didn't know what to expect from it. However, afew days later after the audition, the advertising firm called me. The lady asked me, if Philson was to be choosen for the advertisment, can he cut his hair? Hahaha....their client felt that my shao ye's hair is too long n looks like a girl :P OF COURSE I said YESSSSSSSS!!!! Go ahead!!!! Do what you want with his hair cos hair can grow again :P

Afew days later, they called me again. This time, they told me, Philson is their top 3 choices!!! I was really happy cos i have 33.333333333% to become *星妈* WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Then the next day, I recieved another call from them. They wanted me to trim Philson's hair IMMEDIATELY so that they can show their client. YEAH!!!!!! Now i have 50% to be 星妈 liao!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO

So that evening, Philip trimed Philson's hair. keke

So neat hor........keke
Anyway, I sent them these pix after his haircut. They called me and told me Philson is choosen as their *HERO BB* which mean he is their 1st CHOICE!!!! YEAH!!!!!! ZOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......我来了!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 1st Audition

Brought Philson for his 1st audition on 27 November 2007. I saw that they were looking for a baby boy between 6 months old to 12 months old for an advertisement in the SMHF. (They didnt state that it is for Similac and will cast with Zoe Tay. If they did stated it, i think i will 冲啊!!!!! I love Zoe!!!! I still remember my sister n I used to fight over Zoe and Fann and we would refused to talk to each other becos of this. AHAHAHAH)

Then this mummy (Bloom) from SMHF, immediately msn me when she saw the post. She encouraged me to send Philson's pix. kekeke I didnt know at that time Philson already has a fan hahahaha So i decided to try for fun. Email to them one of his pix taken during the photoshoot and after awhile, I received an email from them, asking me to bring Philson down for audition. YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I m so excited as that was the 1st time i took part in this kinda stuff.....really exciting man. So the next day, i quickly *jio* my msn kakis to send the pix of their bbies also. I even asked my *in-law* to go and support her future *son-in-law* AHAHAHAH

There's nothing much at the audition. Philson was supposed to smile happily and crawl towards the camera. But u know what he did? He cried until very 凄惨 and crawl to me n grabbed my legs as if asking me 不要走不要走!!! drama. But the part when he supposed to hold his bottle and drink milk milk, he did very well. He was drinking and smiling at the same time and after that let go of his bottle for me to hold so that he could clap his hands. keke so cute ya :) Guess that was the part which win him the part to be Zoe's bb in the TVC.

Philson supposed to hold onto the whiteboard which has his name and his age. However, he decided to let his *ah sum* to do it.

Philip supposed to give a short introduction about Philson. Guess what did he say. Erm, *Philson loves to eat. His favourite is to drink milk milk!* Geeeeeeeeee....Actually Philip still wanted to continue but i stopped him AHAHAHAH! Dont know what he will say next. :P

My little friends.

This is little megan :) Mummy told me that she's my girlfriend wor keke! I remember we went for afew dates before and she always feed me biscuits. Hmmmmm....but i oso remember that she pulled my hair when we went out for our 1st date....geeeeeee....scaryyyyyyyyy

Oh.....this Her name is very long n really difficult to pronouce. She's my grandpa's good friend's son's daughter AHAHAHAH!!! Get it??? :P
Amber and meeeeeeeeeeeeee Wonder what's that at the other side that caught amber n my attention.....what huh???? best friend Samuel! He is so sporting!!! He was dressed for the theme!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Sigh. Actually, afew of my little friends were there at the party too. My bestest friend made, talia, ah belle, hannah, javier were all there. BUT!!!! There was not even a single pix of them!!!! The reason must beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......their mummies n daddies were too busy stuffing themselves with the food so no time 2 pose for us!!!! HMPH!!!!